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Natural gas filter

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Multi-stage separation filter


Detailed introduction

Dry gas filter is a filter, filter, internal is composed of multiple cores, the original air filter by imported through a pipe or a whirlwind, the gas containing solid particles and oil mist collision fall into the bottom of the container, through the catheter into the separator the effusion at the bottom of the bag, but by observing sight glass window outside. Then from inside the filter surface into the filter for high precision separation, after the clean gas import screen defoaming machine, after a triple filter is derived.

Main application

Downstream, gas dust removal of the dry bed of catalyst particles, remove the catalytic bed downstream of the catalyst particles, used for measuring and part of the city, for urban gas distribution system. Widely used in chemical, petrochemical and general industry, from the gas to remove harmful solid contaminants, protection valve, instrument, control valve, meter and other equipment.

Product features                                                                                                          

1、Using fast-opening blind fast open closed, save element changes;

2, unique seal design to ensure that the filter sealing performance and stiffness;

3, the pressure drop calculation precision, reduce energy loss;

4, convenient operation, high efficiency, high precision, large quantity;

5, can choose a variety of filter element according to the impurity in the gas components are configured.


Equipment parameters

Manufacturing standards: GB150-2011 steel pressure vessel

Shell material:20#、16Mn、16MnR、16MnDR Q345R、304 、316L

Filter materials and components: plant fiber, superfine glass fiber, metal fiber, polyester, nylon, stainless steel folding

Pressure of work:

Working temperature:

Filtration precision: 0.01 um, um 1, 5 um, um 20, 50 um precision (optional)

Work flow:

Install form: vertical, horizontal

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