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static mixer

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SK static mixer

Detailed introduction

Product features
   HK - SK static mixerUnit by single-hole way around according to certain Angle rotation compound and into, adjacent screw when installed into the pipe piece right respectively. SK type mixer is not easy to jam, suitable for large viscosity materials and large quantity. Differentiation process can make the droplets spread to 10 um.
Technical performance: the highest score 10 or less degree, um, liquid - liquid, liquid - solid phase is not uniformity coefficient of 1-5% or less.


Product model
Application field
Chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, plastic, environmental protection, synthetic fiber, injection molding, color, paper making, paddle chloride mixed, solvent deasphalting, acid and alkali neutralization, asphalt blending, industrial naphthalene removing phenol, liquid hydrocarbon mercaptan, mixing, color, heat transfer in polymer materials.
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