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static mixer

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SQS soda mixer

Detailed introduction

Product features
   huakaiSQSSoda mixer seriesIs the company introducing advanced foreign technology developed a new type of energy conservation and environmental protection products. It is the use of steam and water to mix directly heat the water, with low noise, no vibration, high thermal efficiency, etc, are widely used in life and production with hot water and hot water heating oxygen removal system, etc. Soda mixer long running practice proves that the product use effect is good.
Structure principle
   气水混合器Is mainly composed of nozzle, casing, screen and other parts. Heated water through assumes the shape of laval nozzle, the steam from the soda mixer outer nozzle, through the wall on many small oblique nozzle spray into the water, both in the high speed flow moment good mixing, in order to achieve the purpose of heating. Adjust steam valve, can get the required temperature of hot water.
Soda mixer in table I and table II, respectively, open system and circulatory system under rated water flow and steam is 0.4 MPa, the relationship between different heating temperature and the steam consumption, for customers to choose soda mixer and check air as a reference. (note: steam pressure 0.4 MPa) is not necessarily the heater running work conditions.

Soda mixer open system steam consumption scale (saturated steam pressure0.4MPa)tableunit:t/h

Soda mixer system steam consumption scale (saturated steam pressure0.4MPa)tableII unit:t/h
Note:tableI、tableIIIn the0.4MPaSteam is not necessarily the use condition of the product. Concrete mixer using consult sodaIndustry sales engineer

SQSSoda mixer dimension table
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