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static mixer

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Venturi mixer

Detailed introduction

Product features
    Fluid in the process of conveying, often because of the influence of the fluid delivery pressure imbalance of stocks and mixing ratio, to better fit the user use good static mixer, our company newly developed SN type distributor, with jet booster pump performance, under the condition of guarantee the time flow, make the material of the outlet pressure to achieve the required pressure. SN type distributor by the nozzle, accept ventricular, mixing chamber, diffusion, etc. Mainstream through nozzle, with its high speed at the entrance of conical form low pressure, so that the time flow accepted by pumping into the room, make its acceleration, the vortex mixing indoor height, from diffusion chamber at a certain speed, allowing fluid to smoothly mixed in the static mixer, in order to achieve the best use effect.

Product application
Applicable to two or more than two strands of fluid feeding, when the mainstream and secondary flow pressure imbalance selects the venturi distributor, when the mainstream and secondary flow pressure balance distributor of forms in general.
Product specification
Technical personnel will be according to customer's reality condition, selection of design.
Typical applications
Distributor is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paint, paper and other industries, the distributor can with static mixer, soda, mixer, spray equipment such as parallel combination, make the mixing effect is better.
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