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static mixer

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SL static mixer

Detailed introduction

Product features
        SLUnit is composed of cross stripes according to certain rules many L unit.
Technical performance
        Liquid - liquid, liquid - solid phase nonuniform degree for & have spent 5% or less.Viscosity is suitable for chemical, oil, grease and other industry or less 106 centipoise or mixed with polymer medium, at the same time response of heat transfer and mixing and heat transfer heat exchanger, heating or cooling unit operations such as viscous products. 

Product model
Application field
Sewage treatment of high polymer mixed heat transfer reaction heat exchangers and other industries or less viscosity & have spent Centipoise or high polymeric fluid with a mixture of, at the same time for heat transfer and mixing.
noteIf need to take the mouth, jacket and the rubber lining, please call, thank you!

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