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High pressure filter

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Stainless steel high pressure gas filter

Detailed introduction

Huakai HK - GL series high pressure gas separation filterManufacturing process with high precision, fully consider the requirements in the field of high pressure. Made from high grade 316 stainless steel and special coating of carbon steel, and can provide 25, 5, 1 and 0.01 um and activated carbon filtration performance of filter, to meet customer a variety of special requirements, application principle of aerodynamics design, ensure that the filter medium pressure drop to a minimum.

Product features


1, filter shell satisfy various grades of high pressure, can choose stainless steel, stainless steel surface polishing treatment;
Carbon steel, carbon steel surface chemistryplatingNickel or spraying,The choice of meet customers' different requirements;
2, high pressure filter is divided into three classes
3, the interface form: the NPT thread, flange connection;
4, a variety of optional filter material: glass fiber, stainless steel folding, polyester fiber and powder sintering;
5, accessories: automatic drain valve, pressure differential gauge, pipe fittings, etc. 
Technical parameters 
material: 304、316L、Carbon steel
Working temperature:-80℃ - +700℃                                                                   
Pressure of work:0.6Mpa-35Mpa(150Lb-2500Lb)                                  
Folded filter, stainless steel filter, glass fiber, get together
Ester, activated carbon,                                      
The filter accuracy:0.01-100μm

Class C:Separation/filter  Filtration precision:3µm filter:3umAbove the solid and liquid particles: residual oil content1ppm w/w
T stage:Director of passing filter precision:1µm filter:1umAbove the solid and liquid particles: residual oil content1ppmw/w
A grade:Efficient oil removal filter precision:0.01µm filter:0.01umAbove the solid and liquid particles: residual oil content0.01ppmw/w
AA stage:Efficient oil removal filter precision:0.01µm filter:0.01umAbove the solid and liquid particles:Residual oil content0.01ppmw/w   
Design and manufacture of reference standards:
GB150-1998Steel pressure vessel                          
Working medium: compressed air, nitrogen, hydrogen, ammonia gas, natural gas and complicated composition of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), etc 

Application field
Gas stations     High pressure air supply equipment     High pressure water supply    Oil supply equipment etc.

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