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Pipe filter

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Y type filter

Detailed introduction

STY-IMold casting Y type filter--------Threaded connections
STY-IIMold casting Y type filter--------Flange connection
STY-IIIWelding Y type filter--------Flange connection
SBTY-VIHand brush type Y type filter
SBTY - type IV jacket insulation Y type filter
Product overview
     Y type filter belongs to pipeline coarse filter and can be used for liquid, gas or other medium large particle filtering, installed on the pipeline to remove large solid impurity in the fluid, the machinery and equipment (including compressor, pump, etc.), the instrument can work normally and operation, to achieve stable process, the role of guaranteeing production safety.
Product advantage
     Fully automated, free maintenance, large filtering area, high filter efficiency, long service life, stainless steel material, filtration precision optional, complete specifications. Compared with other filtering equipment it is one of the most effective equipment in the water reuse engineering. And after Y type filter processing water quality not only to achieve the emission standards prescribed by the state, and the water also implements the repetition, the purpose of recycling.

Technical parameters
Filter size:DN15-DN500                                                                                  Pressure of work:0.6MPa-25MPa
Connection: threaded connection, flange connection                                                                           Filtration precision:20um~1000um
Working medium: water, organic solvents, corrosive fluids, etc                                                           Working temperature:-25℃-+600℃
Material:Q235B、20G、16MnR、304、316L                                                           Filter: punching board + (layers) of the filter screen
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