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Pipe filter

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T filter

Detailed introduction

Huakai T filterBelong to small devices, is mainly used to remove a small amount of solid particles in the liquid, can the normal work of the protection device, when the fluid is placed into a certain size of filter cartridge, the impurity is blocked, and clean the filtrate by filter outlet, when need to wash, just remove the removable cartridge, after processing to reload the can, so use maintenance is very convenient.
T in the form of the filter
      A once-through T filter                                                                                             Fold streaming T filter




T filter parameters

1, suitable for material: weak corrosively medium for chemical, petrochemical production, such as water, ammonia, oil, hydrocarbon, etc; Chemical production of corrosive materials, such as caustic soda, soda ash, thick dilute sulphuric acid, carbonic acid, acetic acid, ester, acid, etc.; Low temperature of cooling material, such as: liquid methane, ammonia, oxygen, and various refrigerant; Light industry in the production of food, pharmaceutical materials with health requirements, such as: beer, beverage, dairy products, syrup medical supplies, etc
2, filtration precision: 10-480 mesh (general water network are 18 to 30 mesh/cm2, ventilation network are 40-100 mesh/cm2, tong oil network. 100-480 mesh/cm2.)

3, work temperature: 90 ℃ or less
4, nominal size:DN25—DN600mm  
5, nominal pressure:PN≤1.6Mpa(Other work pressure can be designed according to the requirements of customers)
6, the flange standard: GB81-59 (also can be made according to user requirements)
7, shell material:A3、304、304L、316、316L 
8, sealing materials: ptfe, nitrile rubber, oil resistant rubber asbestos
The choose and buy of T filter information
1)Filter connected to the pipe nominal diameter, flange standard and pressure rating; If it is a heresy to indicate the DN (big end) x DN, (small side)
2)Design pressure (or the maximum operating pressure)
3)Design the maximum operating temperature (or temperature
4)Dielectric properties
5)Choose the shell material and filter material
6)If you have special requirements please specify
7)The filter type
8)User can also according to this manual method is described in the section of the marking method, choose the company's products directly

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