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Pipe filter

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Hand brush type Y type filter

Detailed introduction

Huakai SH hand brush type Y type filter < / strong > by ontology, stainless steel mesh, cleaning brush with handle frame of group, the drain valve and pressure gauge, group through the filter cover cleaning brush, cleaning brush installed inside the stainless steel filter, water flow through the hand brush filter, impurity blocked by mesh, when need to drain, just shake the handle clockwise to open the drain valve number, can complete drainage, don't need to remove the filter cleaning internal mesh, cleaning sewage process flow do not interrupt.
Product features
■ The single biggest filtering flow can reach970M3/H
■ Filtration precision from 4000μm -20μm
■ Mesh optional borehole(4000-800μm)、wedge(1000-50μm)、Woven composite(800-20μm)
■ The minimum working pressure≥0.1MPa
■ The highest working pressure≤1.6MPa
■ Working temperature≤95℃
■ Cleaning method: brush type
■ Install form: can be installed in vertical or horizontal installation, many sets of parallel larger flow rate can be obtained
The product selection
In order to be more applicable to the water system of the technical requirements of our clients, to the best filtering effect, achieve energy saving, power saving, water saving, environmental protection of the highest requirements, huakai environmental protection as a leading water filtration solution provider, our engineers will use the most professional and technical knowledge, rich experience in the application, make the best options for you.
When you are choosing hand brush filter, please consider the following parameters:
1, the processing flow
2, the chemical property of the filter medium
3, filter medium concentration of suspended solids
4, the requirements of the filtering precision
5, the pressure of the pipeline, filtration precision table
Filtration precision table
SH series hand brush filter technical data sheet 
modelInterface caliberL1L2LDHoutlettraffic
The filter material
■ Shell: carbon steel, stainless steel, 316 l stainless steel 304
■ Mesh: 304 stainless steel, 316 l stainless steel
■ Brush holder: 304 stainless steel, 316 l stainless steel
■ Drain valve, cast iron, copper, stainless steel
■ Seal: EPDM rubber
■ Cleaning brush: stainless steel, nylon
Range of application
Industrial filter applications:Cooling water filter; Printhead protection; Wastewater tertiary treatment. Municipal water reuse; Workshop with water; RO system before filtering; Pickling. Papermaking white water filter; Injection molding machine; Babbitt disinfection system; Vacuum pump system; Air compressor system; Continuous casting system; Water treatment applications. Refrigeration and heating water systems.
Irrigation filter application:Groundwater; Municipal water; Rivers, lakes, sea water; Orchard; The nursery. Greenhouse; The golf course. The park.
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