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filter element

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Oil and gas separation filter

Detailed introduction

Oil and gas separation filter is a kind of lubricating oil in the gas separation device to guarantee the normal work of the lubrication system can.
Working principle
Head out of the compressed air from the compressor with different sizes of oil droplets, lard drops through the oil and gas separation tank is easy to separation, while small droplets (slurry) must pass the micron grade of oil and gas separation filter glass fiber filter material to filter. Correct selection of glass fiber diameter and thickness is an important factor to insure the effect of filtering. Oil mist interception by the filter material, diffusion and aggregation, small oil droplets aggregate into lard drops quickly, in the pneumatic and under the action of gravity through filter layer, settling at the bottom of the filter element. The import of oil through a filter at the bottom of the sunken place return pipe, constantly return to the lubrication system, so that the compressor discharge is pure, high quality compressed air.
The performance parameters
After the separation of gas oil content:≤3PPM w/w                     The initial pressure difference:≤0.02MPa
Service life:3000~4500h                                 Replace the differential pressure:0.7MPa 
Replace the filter matters needing attention
When the oil and gas separation filter should be replaced when the pressure difference on both ends up to 0.15 MPa; When the pressure difference of 0, which indicates that filter has a fault or air has a short circuit, this is also applied to replace filter. Change the time of 3000 ~ 4000 hours, such as poor environment when its use will shorten the time.
Installing a return pipe, must ensure that the tube inserted at the bottom of the filter element. Note to replace oil and gas separator, electrostatic discharge to the metal mesh and the oil drum shell unicom.
Range of application
Petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, aviation, electronics, electric power, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, atomic energy, the nuclear industry, natural gas, refractory materials, fire equipment, and other fields of solid liquid, gas solid, gas and liquid separation and purification.
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