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filter element

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Wedge filter

Detailed introduction

XSeries filterSkillfully use the traditional wedge wire filter elements, design innovation conical filter.
Filter material
High quality stainless steel   Dual phase steel   Alloy wedge wire
Clever use of its high strength, pressure difference, can be repeated the excellent properties of frequent cleaning and filtering can be used in the adhesive material, solved the difficult problem of a series of special fluid filtration.
Performance characteristics\
◆ Clever winding process, according to the fluid, minimize loss of pressure
◆ According to the flow direction, carries on the reasonable establishment
◆ Reinforcement technology of high strength, compressive ability get larger increase
◆ High viscosity, large flow filtration requirements, get a reasonable solution
◆ Use for ten years, suitable for frequent cleaning, saves the production cost of enterprises
◆ Its highest filtering precision can reach 20 um, can choose according to need to customize different precision

The working principle of
      Filter core unit adopts unique design of V in fluid pressure, fluid through the wedge filter surface, pressure increases gradually, filtration precision also slow the increase of solid particles will eventually be intercepting filter surface, clear liquid will discharge from shell, into the next procedure.

      Filter is how to select the filter, need comprehensive many factors to consider. Different in the direction of flow and the different methods of backwashing, wedge mesh reinforcement weaving method will also change, using a variety of ingenious design, with a variety of wedge filter, ensure high efficiency filter, to meet the filter requirements.
Market/industry application
Water and wastewater                                                     In construction field
Iron and steel                                                            The pulp and paper                                                     Plastic extrusion processing
chemicals                                                         Non-ferrous metal                                                     The coolant filtration machine
      Huakai has a group of experienced, the filtering process of teacher team, through the simulated field conditions, one thousand times of filter test, a series of real experimental data obtained, if you have any doubts about filter selection, please inquire, we will communicate with you together, share experiences in industry.
      According to the required working conditions on site, using a variety of design, with automatic backwash, scraper self-cleaning, scraping plate of self-cleaning, sucking type self-cleaning, widely used in the industries of all kinds of complex fluid filtration, adopt unique design concept, the product deeply the general customers the high praise!

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