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filter element

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Titanium rod filter

Detailed introduction

HK-STiTitanium filterIn high purity titanium powder(99.4%) as raw material, after screen, cold isostatic pressing molding with a special process, through high heat sintering. Its uniform structure, with high porosity, pore size uniformity, filtering less resistance, good permeability, its excellent high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, which can be widely applicable to various media of solid, liquid, gas separation and purification.
Filter parameters                                                                                                                                                                
Temperature tolerance:280℃                                                                                                                 Porosity:35-60%
Pressure of work:1.6MPa                                                                                                            Compressive strength:0.5-1.5MPa
Maximum working pressure difference:0.6MPa                                                                                                      Filtration precision:0.2um-100um
Diameter:Ø 30、Ø 50、 Ø60 、Ø80
Interface form:M20、 M30、4points、6points (thread)、222(plug)、 226(card type)、 Double the flat
Filtration precision:0.45µm、 1µm、 3µm、 5µm 、10µm 、20µm、 30µm 、50µm 、80µm、 100µm

Ø 30Ø 50Ø60 Ø80
HK-STi Ø 30×50HK-STi Ø 50×100HK-STi Ø60×125 HK-STi Ø80×200
HK-STi Ø 30×100HK-STi Ø 50×200HK-STi Ø60 ×254HK-STi Ø80×300
HK-STi Ø 30×200HK-STi Ø 50×254HK-STi Ø60 ×300HK-STi Ø80×400
HK-STi Ø 30×254HK-STi Ø 50×300HK-STi Ø60 ×400HK-STi Ø80×500
HK-STi Ø 30×300HK-STi Ø 50×500HK-STi Ø60 ×500HK-STi Ø80×600
HK-STi Ø 30×500
HK-STi Ø60 ×750

HK-STi Ø60 ×1000
Excellent properties
1, narrow pore size distribution, high separation efficiency.
2, low differential pressure, cover an area of an area small, large flow.
3, good mechanical performance, can filter the suction filter, simple operation.
4, good molding process, the overall welding length is 1000 mm.
5, no particles fall off, polluting the liquid medicine, conforms to food hygiene and pharmaceutical GMP requirements.
6, good chemical stability, can acidproof, alkali resistant, can be used on a wide PH range.
Wet state 7, resistance to high temperature (300 ℃), acid and alkali corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance is strong, suitable for a variety of environments.
8, antimicrobial ability is strong, not with microorganisms, can be applied in the field of biological engineering and medicine.
9 and large intensity of machinery, high precision, and can on-line regeneration, easy to clean, long service life, normal use more than 3 years.

Typical applications
1, the heat of the dyestuff industry decarburization, filtering out of clay.
2, oil field water injection filter back, reverse osmosis desalination field before the security filter.
3, the impurity removal filter in the process of producing active pharmaceutical ingredients, decarburization filtration and fine filtration material.
4, the food and drink beverage, liquor, beer, vegetable oil, mineral water, clear filtration of soy sauce, vinegar.
5, uf, RO, for the water treatment industry EDI system security filter, ozone sterilization after filtration and aeration.
6, the pharmaceutical industry, large infusion, injection, eye drops, oral liquid concentration distribution link of terminal filter in front of the security.
7, liquid product of chemical industry, decarburization filtration of liquid raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and fine filtration and ultra fine fine body, catalyst filtration and recycling, precise filtration after absorption of resin and the system of heat conduction oil, material in the filter, catalytic gas purification.

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