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filter element

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Stainless steel sintering felt folded filter

Detailed introduction

Huakai SZ stainless steel metal sintering felt filterStainless steel fiber sintered felt as the key filter layer, the main material for sintering felt filter layer 1.5 80 um thin fiber diameter, will put the metal fibre evenly spread, form the three-dimensional structure of woven mesh, after high temperature sintering, fiber was fixed on the node, thus forming the integrity of the fine filter material.
Fiber sintered felt filter material, the absolute filter rating of the smallest, which was the highest level of precision, permeability is best, made of fiber sintered felt medium filter components, are widely used in domestic chemical filtration equipment, such as the production of methanol, acetic acid, ammonia and other chemical fields.
Technical characteristics
Accuracy: 1-100 um filter absolute ratings   liquid
         0.1-10 um filter rating    gas
Material: SUS316, SUS316L and hartz alloy, monel alloy, bipolar just
Diameter:¢35、¢50、¢65、¢70、¢80、¢100、¢140 As well as non-standard custom
Length:L100-1500 - mm, etc
Interface: standard 215, 220, 222, 220, as well as the thread, flange, flat type, flat type
Composite structure: single net, net combination, SUS punching board + single net or net combination, SUS punching board + sintering net
High porosity and good permeability, fit for high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high precision filter requirements, excellent mechanical strength, the highest under differential pressure of 6.9 MPa, especially suitable for melting polymer filtration, excellent capability of acid, alkali corrosion, and resistance to high temperature (0-1000 ℃),Can adopt single-layer, multi-layer composite fiber sintered felt, to match the most suitable process characteristics.

Typical applications
Medicine, biology, all kinds of liquid clarification filtration in the beverage industry
Petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy field of all kinds of high temperature, corrosion gas filter dust removal
Chemical fiber, film industry, polyester, polyamide, polyester and other polymer melt filter purification
Machinery, shipbuilding, electric power, electronics, aviation and other hydraulic oil, lubricating oil in the field of precision filtration

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