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filter element

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Stainless steel sintering network filter

Detailed introduction

This series of filter with different wire diameter and mesh stainless steel wire mesh, in a specific order, through high heat sintering production and become a practical filter material, the protective layer, filtration control layer, dispersed skeleton layer, support the skeleton layer, layer, but according to the technological requirements, processing into a circle, cylinder, cone, etc all kinds of filter element. As a result of surface filtration mechanism, filtration components surface smooth and even, backwashing to regenerate an outstanding performance, can be repeated use for a long time, especially online continuous work.

Technical characteristics
        Filtration precision is stable, with two layer screen protection, and sintering process of diffusion, solid melts, its mesh filter layer is stable, not deformation, all stainless steel (SUS316L) structure, can satisfy 200 ℃ ~ 480 ℃ temperature range, and filtering under the requirement of the acid and alkali environment, easy to clean renewable repeatedly, especially suitable for on-line cleaning filter system.
Accuracy: 1-300 um (through fiber sintered felt superposition compound material, can obtain high precision filter)               
Diameter:¢30、¢50、¢60、¢65、¢80 And the calibration
Interface:standard215、220、222、226、Thread, flange, flat type, flat type
Can provide product customization service: single net, net combination, SUS punching board + single net or net combination, SUS punching board + sintering net
ISO 9000Quality system authentication

Typical applications
<span style="font-size:12px;"Chemical fiber                                                        Concentrate filtering                                                  
Petroleum chemical industry                                                
Gas filter                                                  
The melt filter                                                   Pharmaceutical, food,
Catalyst filtering and recycling                                      High temperature steam and water filtration                                       Product class filter                                           
Liquid - liquid, liquid - gas separation                                       All kinds of dust gas filtering agent                                 Beverage manufacturing intermediates
High and low viscosity polymer liquid fine filter                          Polyester and other polymer production intermediate filtering    

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