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filter element

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Stainless steel powder sintering filter

Detailed introduction

SM stainless steel powder sintering filter,The industry leading manufacturing technology, using after detailed classification, particle size of 0 5 ~ 100 um spherical metal particles, through standard mould pressing and then high temperature sintering.
Technical parameters
Maximum differential pressure:80℃,3.5Kg/;235℃,3.2Kg/   
Absolute accuracy:liquid0.5um-5um;gas0.01um-20um
Material: stainless steel, bronze, nickel, monel alloy, nickel alloy haas tower
Use a metal sealing process, the use of temperature range can be up to - 200 ℃ ~ 500 ℃
Product features
High crushing strength, impact resistant, alternating load capacity is superior to the other metal filter material
Air permeability, separation effect is stable
Fixed pore structure, no dielectric loss
High mechanical strength, fatigue resistance, wear resistance
A wide range of high and low temperature adaptability and chemical stability
Can be carried out online cleaning, back again and again
Diameter:¢20,¢30,¢35,¢50,¢60,¢70,¢80,¢135,As well as non-standard custom
Length: 5 inch(125mm)、10 inch(250mm)、12 inch(300mm)、
20 inch(500mm)、30 inch(750mm)、40 inch(1000mm)
Interface form:M20interface、M30interface、222interface、226interface、Double the flat、The flange
Filtration precision:0.01um、0.1um、0.2um、0.5um、1um、2um、5um、10um、20um、40um
Typical applications
■ Catalyst filtering and recycling;
■ Petroleum chemical industry of high temperature gas filtration; 
■ Metallurgical industry of high temperature flue gas purification;
■ Solid ebullated bed dust in tail gas recovery;
■ In the thermal power, nuclear power industry dust and exhaust gas purification;
■ Liquid product of chemical industry, precision filtration of liquid raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates.
Production and testing equipment

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