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filter element

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SPEA series filter

Detailed introduction

SPEA series filter
     PA sintering filter adopts the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and carbon fiber as the main raw material, through high temperature sintering and scientific formula, has good mechanical properties, and the filter aperture inside and outside the same, easy to remove slag, shall not apply to the adhesive in the production process, has a wide range of chemical compatibility.
Product features
★ PE/PA filter uniform pore size distribution, good liquidity
★ Most resistant to strong acid and alkali, salt and organic solvents
★ Easy to blow, regeneration efficiency is high
★ Microporous PE material heat resistance of 80 ℃, microporous PA material heat resistance of 100 ℃
★ Tasteless, non-toxic, dielectric loss, superior mechanical properties, it is not easy to damage
★ Material conform to the requirements of the GMP and FDA, do not use glue, has a wide range of chemical compatibility

Technical parameters
Precision range:0.2-140um
Pipe diameter range:10mm-120um
Working temperature:HPE≤80℃、PA≤120℃
Filter length:5inch、10inch、20inch、30inch、40inch
Interface form:226, 222, threaded, flat type, insert type
Filter specifications:¢31*20、¢38*20、¢50*35、¢65*45、¢80*45

Typical applications
Food and beverage, beer, white wine, red wine, fruit juice
Petroleum, chemical industry, oil field water injection, gas, dust filter, chemical purification
Biological pharmaceutical infusion, water, pharmaceutical intermediates decarburization filtration; Fermented liquid, oral liquid, such as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) filter
Electronic printing and dyeing: Plating solution precision filtration, electronic cleaning fluid filtration, internal combustion engine industry ultrapure water system terminal filter

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