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Liquid filter

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Microporous membrane filter

Detailed introduction

Huakai SBJX -i microporous membrane filterIs a kind of multi-functional membrane separation technology, is composed of the filter shell and filter to filter unit, using 304 or 316 l stainless steel, with folding membrane filter for filtering element, can filter out more than 0.1 um particles in liquid, gas, and germs.
Membrane filter series
Precision filter                                                                     In addition to the bacteria filter                                                       Microporous membrane liquid filter
Core filter                                                                     Health level filters                                                    Microporous membrane gas filter
The security filter                                                                     Electrolytic polishing filters
The excellent performance
★ High filtration precision, high speed of filtering
★ Shell naisuanjian corrosion, easy to operate
★ Less material adsorption, without dielectric loss, no leakage
★ Can achieve the best of multilevel filter, filtering effect
★ According to the technological requirements, shell and filter using; A variety of tie-in way,
Filter parameters                    
Design criteria: chemical pipeline filter                                                                          Filtration precision:0.05~10um(choose according to customer's requirement)
               Water treatment filter criteria                                                                       Filter specifications:5’’ 10’’ 20’’ 30’’ 40’’
               GB150Steel pressure vessel                                                                    Capacity: single cylinder can accommodate 1-120 - fold membrane filter
Working temperature:60-260℃                                                                                  In and out of the diameter:DN15~DN500 (NPT thread)
工作压力:0.1-2.5MPa                                                                               Shell type O ring seal material: nitrile butadiene, epdm, fluorine rubber, etc
Shell material
CS、304、304L、316、316L、2205、Rubber lining
Surface treatment
Mechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing, sandblasting, painting

Membrane filtration filter element\
Wire wound filter                                      Poly (vinylidene fluoride filter
Melt-blown cartridge                                      Resistance to acid and alkali perfluorinated filter
Nylon folded filter                                Ptfe aseptic filter
Polyether sulfone folded filter                             Polypropylene deep folded filter
Polypropylene folded filter                             Deep glass fiber efficient filter
Typical applications
  Widely used in chemical, petroleum, machinery, metallurgy, textile, printing and dyeing, electroplating, medicine, large infusion, pure water, anti-bacterial and filtration separation of biological engineering.
       We after many years of r&d and innovation combined with thousands of customers do case, the application of advanced technology, fluid mechanics continuously improve manufacturing technology and the introduction of production equipment, strict controls of membrane filter every link of production. Strive for global enterprises to provide all kinds of high efficiency, high quality of microporous membrane filter products, build national brand!

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