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Liquid filter

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Electroplating filter

Detailed introduction

HK-JF Precision chemical liquid filter 
Model specification
JF 1004   P  U  N  B  J
(1)JF - model number 

(2)1001:Filter the number 10 "* 1  2001:Filter the number 20 "* 1 1002:Filter the number 10 "* 2
2002;Filter the number 20 "* 2  1004;Filter the number 10 "x 4 2004;Filter the number 20 "x 4

(3)P:The pump body materialPP+GF       K:The pump body materialPVDF
(4)U:Inward and outward by type          H:Inward and outward bushing
(5)N:Forced sealing tightNBR         V:Forced sealing tightVITON 
(6)B:Nut type filter              
(7)J:Gateway for JIS specifications  C:The pressure plate type  D:Gateway for DIN specifications  P:Filter paper type  A:Entrances to the ANSI specification
Product features
◎Especially suitable for electroplating liquid, chemical liquid, use the pure water circulation filter and so on.
◎No shaft seal pump adopts imported from Japan, no leakage of lv.
◎Filter design, high precision filter, filter area is wide, high efficiency, simple operation, easy cleaning, cover an area of an area small.
◎Filter and the base using PP material injection molding, welding point at least, has the characteristics of high temperature resistant, resistant to acid and alkali.
◎Cartridge as customers need to choose the material PP or acrylic.
◎Transparent acrylic is suitable for the temperature of 60 degrees.

project  modelJF-1001JF-1002JF-2001JF-2002JF-1004JF-2004
Apply filter tank(Ton)
The filtering quantity(1/Min)153030606080
Filter tube materialPPPPPPPPPPPP
Filter number (size * number)10"*110"*220"*120"*210"*420"*4
Suitable temperature below (° C)707070707070
Pump motor(w)50/60Hz30/4565/10065/10085/15085/150150/260
The frame size(MM)Length(L)396485440485495570
Pure height(H)73577098010608001060
The body quality(KG)131717222628

Precision chemical liquid filter JF series of maintenance: maintenance
1, the filter should be somewhere near the liquid medicine tank, pump inlet pipe shoulds not be too long, generally 3 to 4 meters is suitable, the fluid pipe, according to need. In and out of the pipe should be put into the slot, and should be well fixed, in the feed water pipe must add strainer, suction pump cavity prevention of small parts, damaged parts.
2, according to assembly drawing, the filter into the filter tube, cover the lid, tighten the quick opening bolt, and the vent valve closed, the filter tube, pipe under seal. To infuse liquid tank, open the lead tank bottom water ball valve, make solution along the water diversion pipe into the pump chamber, to fill the feed line, close water ball valve, to see if the motor is at turn, determine the forward, after inching again, until the pump flow rate to normal.
3, open the cylinder vent valve on the cover, will release of air inside the filter cartridges, until the air bleeder liquid jet is ok, then bleed valve closed at this time, the machine run properly. After a period of continuous loop filter in the filter on the interception of filter cake gradually thickening, the pressure inside the filter tube is more and more big, the traffic is more and more small, should be paid attention to the cleaning filter in time.
4, if the filter pump is stopped for a long time, in the pump chamber should note some water, avoid the residual liquid in the pump cavity.
5, add filter aid or the operation of the activated carbon, filter during normal work unscrew bleed valve to the introduction of the liquid medicine tank, liquid amounting to more than two-thirds of the lead tank turn off the air relief valve, activated carbon is put inside to the lead tank or filter aid for stirring, then open the water valve of the lead tank bottom, make solution into the pump chamber, continuous cycle operation for many times, so to form a layer on the surface of filter filtration membrane, and then the normal filter, can make solution to achieve the ideal effect.

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