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Gas filter

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TMH polyether sulfone series folding filter

Detailed introduction

TMH polyether sulfone folded filter seriesA high capacity of sewage quantity of aseptic absolute filter, it is the unique asymmetric polyether sulfone membrane pollution resistance. Asymmetric membrane provides high capacity pollutional load capacity, high flux, and long service life and service life of 3 ~ 5 times that of other similar filter, reduces the filter replacement cycle, save the cost for the enterprise.
TMH series of membrane pore size of 0.03 - including 10 m, hydrophilic characteristics itself, but can also be produced according to customer requirements for the hydrophobicity.

Technical parameters
Steam sterilization:85℃/30Min 
Filtration precision:0.05、0.1、0.22、0.45、1.2um
The highest working temperature:90℃
Flow of hot water sterilization:121℃/30Min
Maximum working pressure difference:4bar/21℃ 2.4bar/70℃
Filter area:sizeØ68-10",Filter area for0.6M2

Filter interface
Filter specifications:                            Sealing material:
05=5 inch                              S=silicone
10=10 inch                            E=EPDM
20=20inch                             V=viton
30=30inch                             p=PFA/Viton

Typical applications
In addition to bacteria filter  Deionized water Cleaning and disinfection agents API intermediates Food and beverage etc.

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