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Gas filter

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Polypropylene folded filter series

Detailed introduction

MMP-IPolypropylene folded filter seriesHigh velocity and high quantity, features, is the most economical filter cartridge, widely used in pharmaceutical, electronic, chemical, food and beverage and other fields.
A variety of forms:
High precision long life polypropylene filter\
No fall off fiber polypropylene filter
High quantity, polypropylene filter
Economical and high precision of polypropylene filter
Large polypropylene filter area folded filter
Absolute accuracy of polypropylene folding deep filter
Filter characteristics
Ultrafine nano fiber filter, no fiber loss
Highly efficient, high velocity, high carrying capacity performance
In the U.S.FDA CRF title21And the European Union1935/2004EC
Special structure design with nano diversion layer to ensure excellent filtering effect
Work performance
Working temperature:65℃
Working pressure difference:4bar/20℃;2.4bar/80℃Filter specifications
Standard size:5’’、 10’’、 20’’、30’’、 40’’
Filtration precision:0.05um、0.1um、0.22um、0.45um、1.0um

Typical applications
Process water filtration and fine filtration
Security filtering in reverse osmosis water treatment technology
Mineral water, filtering, and filtering precision
Infusion, biological products, filtration, high viscosity of the liquid
Beer, grape wine, white wine and other food and beverage of high precision filtration
Especially for high suspension particles of light resistance, ink, fermented liquid

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