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Gas filter

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Large flow gas filter

Detailed introduction

SGA II with large flow gas filterMainly for large flow gas filter, and the special design and manufacture of a single filter flow can reach 250000 m3 / HFiltration efficiency can reach 99.999%.
Technical parameters
Based on GB150 steel pressure vessel manufacturing standard reference design
Pressure of work:0~5MPa
Working temperature:0~1000℃
Filtration precision:0.01~200um
Shell material: carbon steel/stainless steel/alloy
Filter is excellent performance
Convenient and quick installation/replacement
Rubber ring seal, end cover tighten
The filtration precision is high, the filtration efficiency is 99.99%
Precision filter more fold, to press the circulation loss to a minimum
Liquidity enhancement, filtering area is about four times that of the traditional filter
Matching filter type
R1 Composite fiber cartridge
R2 Resistance to flame retardant composite fibre filter                                             R5 Oil waterproof processing of polyester fiber
R3 Standard polyester fibre                                                       R6 Anti-static polyester fiber processing
R4 Resistance to flame retardant polyester fiber filter                                             R7 Effect of treatment of polyester fiber
Filter material source core components
The United States donaldson  The United StatesHV
Imports of other countries
Selection of reference
Filter materialOuter diameter*Inside diameter*HeightFilter areaprecisionRated flowDifferential pressure
The glass fiber324*213*61020M20.5µm1500M3/H200Pa
Typical applications
Iron and steel     Petroleum chemical industry     Electric power     shipbuilding     rubber     Car 
Aviation     Electronics     Cement     Special powder     Non-ferrous metals     Mining industry

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