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Gas filter

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Gas filter

Detailed introduction

HK - SGA series standard gas filterThe shell adopts full stainless steel manufacturing, design the best air flow; Import and export pipeline on the same line, remove the cylinder can be replaced on the filter, simple and safe. Filter installation standard 10 feet to 40 feet, number more than 200 only, so completely according to the flow of customers select the most appropriate equipment. Filters can also choose different types of filter, such as polypropylene, ptfe, stainless steel, etc. To meet a variety of different conditions.

Technical parameters
Pressure of work:0~25MPa
Working temperature:-45~500℃
Filter size:DN15~DN1000
Shell material: carbon steel, low temperature steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, rubber lining
Cartridge seal material: fluorine rubber, epdm, nitrile butadiene rubber, etc
Design criteria: refer to design and manufacture pressure vessel GB150, ASME standards
Equipment gasket material: metal winding gasket, ptfe, epdm, graphite
Filter accessories, pressure gauge, differential pressure gauge, differential pressure transmitter, exhaust valve, drain valve
Filter medium: synthetic gas, coal gas, hydrogen, nitrogen, natural gas and other complex components mixture of industrial gases
Filter material: polyether sulfone, polypropylene, ptfe, folded stainless steel powder, stainless steel, titanium, etc
Filtration precision:0.1um、0.2um、0.3um、0.5um、1um、2um、5um、10um、15um、20um、25um、50umPrecision (optional)     

Surface treatment 
Carbon steel surface of the filter: can be inside and outside the sandblasting processing, also can spray a variety of anti-corrosion, high temperature resistant paint;           
Stainless steel filter: can be inside and outside the sandblasting processing, polishing machine precision polishing and health level;                     
 Gas filter matched filter.

Filter model
Polypropylene series                                                        Polyether sulfone series                                                     Metal sintering felt series
Ptfe series                                                        Metal film series                                                     Metal powder sintering series

Wedge series

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