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Natural gas filter

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Cyclone separation filter

Detailed introduction

Level of filtering: cyclone tube type gas-liquid separator: when containing liquid flow in the gas liquid separator, due to the rotation of the cyclone tube vortex design, can produce strong airflow vortex movement, to form a strong centrifugal force, makes the solid particles and liquid impurities on the cyclone tube wall. Impurity is separated from the air, gathered in a container of liquid loading zone. After purification, the gas with minimal loss of pressure to leave the whirlwind tubular separator filter into the next level.
Secondary filter: filter filtration and separation: this level is made up of a number of replaceable or only can be rinsed the filter components. This kind of filter element type and precision grade should choose according to the working conditions, the purpose is to remove the smallest solids, and condensing fog exist that allow a drop in the separator is maximum.

Filter material has a variety of choice, superfine glass fiber, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, etc. Choose according to different requirements of different filter.
Equipment parameters  
Install form: vertical or horizontal         
Container material: carbon steel, stainless steel 
Filtration precision: 1, 5, 10 microns 
Manufacturing standards:GB150 or ASME VIII-1  
Filtration efficiency: a solid 99.98%, liquid99.5% 
Vessel diameter (common):Under the 1200 mm 
Filter material: superfine glass fiber, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, etc 
Performance indicators
1. The cyclone separation effect:
For 5 to 10 microns of dust particles and droplets, removal rate of 99%
About 10 microns or dust particles and droplets, removal rate of 99.95%
2. The filtration separation effect:
For solid particles acuity 0.3 mu m, removal efficiency up to 99.9%
Separable droplets diameter greater than 0.1 microns
Characteristics of the equipment\
★ High efficiency, high precision and large quantity
★ Accurate pressure drop computation, effectively reduce the energy loss
★ Meticulous detail design, to enhance the operation and maintenance convenience  
★ A two-part structure, efficient fluid removal equipment to ensure the remover 
★ The unique seal design, to ensure the filter sealing performance and stiffness 
★ High efficiency and high precision to remove solid and liquid impurity in the natural gas and other gas protect downstream equipment 
Typical applications
Natural gas purification  The compressor inlet/outlet  Turbine inlet  The fuel gas  Gas storage facilities    Contact tower 
Used to measure and part of the city  For urban gas distribution system  To protect the downstream equipment

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