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Natural gas filter

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The standard gas filter

Detailed introduction

HK - LNG series gas filterIn wire nets, the mechanism of foam and intercept for gas filtering equipment, mainly used for efficient removal of solid impurities in the gas purification device. The product structure is reasonable, the large amount of dust, smooth operation, low investment operation cost, easy installation and use.
In order to ensure that the gas distribution equipment and instrument voltage regulator, valve, etc. The normal work of the flowmeter, pressure gauge, etc, protect it from damage, must remove the solid impurities, filter installation accuracy to meet the requirements before install it.
Designed and manufactured in line with national standards<Steel pressure vessel standard>
Product features\
Structure is divided into straight-through type, Angle type, intersection, etc;
Large flow capacity, small resistance;
Pressure loss of the filter has big filter area, small, convenient cleaning;
Quality carbon steel material selection, filter for stainless steel or polyester, fiberglass, etc.;
When the medium containing corrosive substances, can choose corrosion resistance materials;
Can choose quick opening closure device, differential pressure tables, safety valve, drain valve configuration;
Applicable medium: natural gas, city gas, mine gas, liquefied petroleum gas, air, etc.;
Apply to the closet and area reduction of ark of high voltage and CNG.
Technical parameters
Nominal diameter:DN40-DN300                       Processing:≤20000M3/H
Pressure of work:1.0-18.0MPa                        Working temperature:-40~80℃
Filtration precision:The highest precision 0.3 um                Filtration efficiencyUp to99.99%
Shell material
Filter element
Filter material of polyester fiber, stainless steel wire mesh
Filtration precision:1-3-5-10-20-50-100um
Filtration efficiency: >=99%
Drain valve      Type pressure gauge and the needle valve       Pressure transmitter       Differential pressure meter and valve     Differential pressure transmitter

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DN80 PN1.6精度10U带压差


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