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Bag filter

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Stainless steel filter cartridge

Detailed introduction

Stainless steel filter cylinder made of single layer or multi-layer metal mesh layer with a wire mesh according to different conditions of use and usage, high filtration precision of absolute value with heart rate, pressure big, straight degree good, stainless steel material, with no burr, ensure long service life.\
Filter tube material
304、304L、316、316LStainless steel mesh, woven mesh, welded wire mesh, brass wire, aluminum foil mesh, etc.
Characteristics of filter cartridge
Single multi-layer welding filter cartridges, filter, filter, for 1-500 um particles and liquid has good filterability, large flow per unit area, can be repeatedly used after cleaning.
Production process
After the cutting board, roll round - welding - adjustable round - surface treatment - forming
Have a shopping basket type, ear type, flange, basket filter cartridges. Thread interface type styles, etc.
Metal filter cartridge, network management, network barrel, filter tubes, by stainless steel net, stainless steel mesh. Iron wire mesh, stainless steel plate, iron plate welded together. Single-layer welding, multi-layer welding, after welding can also be a single layer, and the metal filter tube, network management, network barrel, filter, filter tubes overlap with together, form a multilayer filtering.
Scope of application
Petroleum chemical industry, oil field pipeline filter                                                                  Water treatment industry equipment filtering
Refueling equipment, engineering machinery equipment fuel filter                                                      Pharmaceutical and food processing field

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