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Bag filter

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Carbon steel lining plastic filter

Detailed introduction

So-called rubber lining filter is installed in both internal and external mesh a non-toxic rubber layer, can effectively prevent any corrosion, greatly increase the working life of the equipment. Progress of the carbon steel lining plastic filter filter can debug according to the requirements of the equipment. Precision accuracy can reach 10 microns. Rubber lining filter main features a high filtration velocity, large filtration area, long life, don't need to change the characteristics of the screen. Using mesh directly to intercept the impurities in the water, to purify the water quality and protect the system working precision and other devices, using stainless steel sintering network.

Carbon steel lining plastic filter products in our company now has been widely used in iron and steel, petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, municipal engineering, agricultural irrigation, machinery, automobiles, ships, food and light industry and other industries, our company's professional staff from engineering design, construction, equipment installation and after-sales service anywhere at any time to provide customers the best technical advice and services.

Product featureswithAdvantages as follows

一,Carbon steel lining plastic filter special craft processing anticorrosion cylinder
Surface of cylinder body
SA2.5 level 5 layer of epoxy resin coated after sandblasting, thickness of 220 microns, if the water quality with high salt concentration, make 3 Arocoat HB coating, the total thickness of 400 microns.

Cylinder surface in vitro
SA2.5 level 2 layer of epoxy resin coated after sandblasting, thickness of 100 microns, and 1 layer of zinc chromate coating, thickness of 100 microns, and then to rubber fluoride as 35 micron coating, the total thickness of 235 microns.
Preservative treatment of cylinder, the use of special equipment, the use of advanced technology, under the full process, are in the computer aided control, coating density, uniformity, strong adhesion, long-term use is not easy to fall off, more than a decade can if brightness is new.

Second, the design and fabrication of carbon steel lining plastic filter special stainless steel mesh

Carbon steel lining plastic filter adopts the world advanced technology and equipment for production, the world's only four layers of 316 l stainless steel woven mesh structure, particularly suitable for industrial water quality of water environment, requiring high filtration precision.

◆ Screen large effective area: unique mesh structure to ensure the maximum limited cylinder body of the filter is effective opening area is large enough, relative to other models of the same specifications, effective filter has big filter area, filtering capability is strong, the actual water quantity is big.

◆ Filter with high intensity, long service life, can meet the 1.6 Mpa, 2.5 Mpa pressure process requirement, the paste on the drilling of PVC board made of stainless steel wire mesh filter, easy occurrence blowout or damaged, the service life can be compared. Filter layer inside and outside are all in a layer of stainless steel net, support and protection effect, can effectively prevent such as tin oxide's destructive power of large particles on mesh caused damage, direct contact with the outer layer of the stainless steel type network play a strong support.

◆ Good uniformity, high filtering effect: carbon steel lining plastic filter USES the advanced computer knitting and laser welding technology, to ensure that the filter mesh has good consistency and uniformity, definitely there will be no greater than the nominal accuracy of suspended particles escape!

Three, control system of carbon steel lining plastic filter function is perfect

Carbon steel lining plastic filter by PLC (programmable logic controller), and other devices composed of independent control box, can realize complicated control function, high reliability. Carbon steel lining plastic filter running state can reflect instantly, operations staff be clear at a glance, can remote control signal, realize the computer control, hydraulic driven filter can't do, this is pressure difference and timing control automatic cleaning, dual protection to ensure the cleaning effect. Carbon steel lining plastic filter control systems are also set to reverse washing time recorder, through the recorder can analyze water quality changes. Not less than protection grade IP54, meet the requirement of outdoor all-weather use, and carbon steel lining plastic filter so the crystallization of all staff and users. Stable and reliable working performance, can free maintenance, zero inventory.

Four, carbon steel lining plastic filter cleaning agency system is stable and reliable

Key action of carbon steel lining plastic filter is clean strainer, huakai filter USES the electric motor drive cleaning mechanism movement, when cleaning part of the water from the mesh of the lateral recoil, at the same time, close to the screen inside to suck the scanner or stainless steel brush screen for sucking or scrub, sewage from controlled open the drain valve to discharge, small power motors controlled normally with 14 RPM speed and stable work, overcome the hydraulic driving mechanism completely rely on the working pressure, the disadvantages of speed is not stable, if the speed is too low, sucking the scanner in the mesh local time is long, the inside of an unsupported mesh deformation due to suck, foaming, and, because of the cleaning cycle longer, water consumption will increase; If speed is too high, the impurity is often not fully absorb the scanner is turned, due to the differential pressure drop is small, cleaning action, cause there is residual dirt on screen, residue accumulation, cleaning intervals will be more and more short, the water consumption to increase, the working poor stability.

Five, carbon steel lining plastic filter Long service life reflect cost performance

Huakai automatic filter high degree of automation, product technology content high, reliable operation, long service life, low maintenance cost, comprehensive benefits for a long time, in electricity, water, artificial, maintenance fee for water works are moving type filter almost no wear and tear.

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