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Bag filter

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Bag filter

Detailed introduction

Bag filter structure


HK bag filter system
Huakai bag filter has been widely used in industry in the country and formed the standard. Customers can according to our huakai standard single or more bag filter bag filter system to satisfy different applications.
Single bag filter can provide high precision high-performance devices and economical filtration unit in the process of the filter.
Huakai more bag filter can provide 1-40 filter for choice, diversified and advanced, precision filter bag, filter design automation combination, huakai provide optimal solutions for you.

The main performance
Bag filter large quantity, small volume, large amount of sludge.
After cleaning the filter bag can be repeated use, cost savings.
Filter bag sliding sideways probability is small, effectively guarantee the quality of filter.
Filter bag filtration precision, has now reached 0.5 microns.
Bag filter application range, flexible use, installation and varied.
Bag filter carry greater work pressure, pressure loss of the filter is small, low operating cost, energy saving effect is obvious.
Based on the working principle and structure of bag filter system, convenient and quick replacing filter bag, and filter cleaning, save work time.

Design and manufacturing standards
May refer toHG21637-91、GB150-2010Design, manufacture and acceptance.
Shell material
Bag filter can according to customer's site condition, chooses the most economic and practical material collocation of diversification.
Selection of material has the following kinds:Q235B、Q345R、16MnR、304、304L、316、316L。  
Application field
Widely used in chemical industry, pharmacy, beer, water treatment, petroleum, environmental protection, biological engineering, fine food, paint and other industries.
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