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Full automatic filter

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Heavy traffic self-cleaning filter

Detailed introduction

Working principle
    Huakai SX2 self-cleaning filter series big flow
,By four stainless steel filter element combination within the tank, its main component is composed of four filter and the four set suction unit. When filtering sewage from the lower part of the filter to enter and distribution to the various filter. Sewage by filter for filtering the inside to the outside. Sewage in the solid mesh intercept down; Through a electric motor drive cleaning mechanism, rotating and up and down movement of the sucking scanner, sucking inside the scanner and a 3 & quot; Drain valve, drain valve is opened, the filter formed between the internal water pressure and the external atmosphere pressure errand each suction nozzle to produce strong suction, the scanner will filter impurities under the suction and is discharged through the drain valve, the cleaning process takes about 35 to 60 seconds. The four filter mesh take turns to clean. In the whole process of the cleaning, the system does not stop.
Technical parameters
A single flow:2000-4000M3/H                                            The control voltage:communication220V  
Minimum working pressure:0.25MPa                                                   Control mode: differential pressure, time and manual
Maximum working pressure:1.0MPa、1.6Mpa                                      Cleaning time: 35-90 seconds/single core
The highest working temperature:70℃                                                         Cleaning method: 360 ° scan suck dry cleaning
Installation: installed vertically                                                          Pressure loss of the cleaning:0.01-0.08MPa 
Filtration precision: 20-500 microns                                                     Clean institutions speed:14-20rpm
The rated operating voltage, three phase,220V,380V,50H
Large flow automatic filter characteristics
1, large capacity, and can be used in parallel, stand-alone capacity up to 4000 m3 / h.
2 and defaults to 200 micron filtration precision, and from 200 to 3000 microns optional, big filter area, carrying amount is high, the user can according to the actual working condition.
3, cleaning brush, two time interval is longer, the discharge of pollutants by cleaning with uninterrupted when cleaning sewage water, do not need to bypass the characteristics, and the cleaning time is short, less pollution water consumption.
4, special filtration unit design, strong and durable.
5, the unique design of cleaning implement low load and low water head, uniform discharge function.
6, a motor overload protection, which can effectively protect the motor.
7, cover an area of an area small, is equipped with lifting unit and stresses the ladder, convenient maintenance.
8, strong maintainability, remove the easy installation.
9, liquid crystal display, humanized design is simple, operate without professional guidance.
10 and pipeline connection with users for flange connection, flange adopt national standard flange, strong commonality.
11, especially suitable for the high content of impurities, poor working conditions.
Install schematic diagram                                   
System accessories      
 3"Drain valve                      Water disc valve                            The differential pressure switch system                    
 4"Drainage pipe                      PLC control system
Industry application
   Large flow automatic filter is widely used in the circulation or non circulating cooling water system, heat exchange system, central air conditioning system, central heating system, hot water boilers, industrial drainage recycling treatment, municipal sewage treatment system, such as heavy traffic automatic filter single capacity is big, and can be used in parallel in order to achieve the user demand, and thus more applicable to steel, electric power, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, etc.

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