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Full automatic filter

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Automatic scraper filter

Detailed introduction

HK-XGScraper self-cleaning filterUsing rotating scraper and cylinder elevating scraper, on-line automatic cleaning impurity and dirt, manual cleaning, consistent operation to maintain continuous operation, mainly used in filter low, medium and high viscous liquid, has the uniqueness and irreplaceability, is a good performance of high-quality filtration equipment.
Working principle
    Imported into the liquid from the shell, the medium through the wedge net mesh, coarse particle blocked by filter, high concentrations of liquid, along the screen slowly accumulation, gathered at the bottom of the equipment inside and outside differential pressure sensor detection filter differential pressure value, control module to start cleaning procedures, scraper will adhere to the filter medium cleaning inside and outside the wall, and concentrate ruled out as the bottom shell, restore normal filter.
Technical parameters
口径:DN25-DN300                                                            Shell material:CS、SS304、SS316
Pressure of work:0-2.0MPa                                                            Filter material: stainless steel special filter
Working temperature:0-80℃                                                                Gasket material: fluorine rubber, nitrile butadiene rubber
Filtration precision:500um-20um                                                       Shell processing: mechanical polishing, sandblasting, oil

The technical features and advantages

■ Do not produce filter consumable disposable abandonment, save the cost of materials and environmental costs
■ Wastewater from a high concentration of impurities and recyclable, avoid the material loss of high value
■ Standard gear motor equipped with international famous brand, high reliability, long service life
■ Closed filter, in order to prevent the leakage of harmful substances, it is helpful for safety production
■ A variety of optional module combination and automatic mode, meet the application requirement of all kinds of filters
■ Small filter pressure loss, flow stability, saving fuel pipe, continuous process stability
■ With metal scraping, a good effect, improve the removal of impurities, avoid impurities and broken
 Run automatically, 24 hours online filter, filter replacement and cleaning of hard work
■ High quality of V groove filter, precision clearance, surface smooth and perfect, easy to scratch, high intensity, long service life

shell                                    Motor reducer                                    Scraper system 
screen                                    Differential pressure controller                                    PLCSiemens controller

Typical applications
■ Filter types: mechanical scraper filters, automatic on-line continuous filtration
■ Filter: remove larger particles, fixed size screen, purifying liquid, protect key equipment
■ Applicable industry: water treatment, pulp and paper, petrochemical industry, biological medicine, paint, printing ink, oil, food and beverage, etc
■ Typical applicable liquid wax, coal oil fractions, monomer, polyer, water, citric acid, fermentation broth, the proteins, soap, wet additives, coating, ink, adhesives, rubber, ethanol, chocolate, candy, fruit juice, coolant, etc

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