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Full automatic filter

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Sucking type self-cleaning filter

Detailed introduction

Huakai XM series fully automatic self-cleaning filterIs a kind of electric suction filter, through a electric motor drive cleaning agencies, for the use of different occasions can be equipped with 20 microns - 500 micron filter, 8 & quot; - 24 & quot; The diameter. There are three kinds of X series filter structure: vertical, horizontal, on-line.
Technical parameters                
A single flow: 200-400M3/H                                                               Cleaning time: 35 to 60 seconds
Minimum working pressure: 0.25MPa                                                                The control voltage: ac 220 v
Maximum working pressure:1.6MPa                                                                  Working voltage, three phase,380V,50HZ
The highest working temperature: 75℃                                                                      Pressure loss of the cleaning: 0.01-0.05MPa
Filtration precision: 20-500 microns                                                                   Cleaning method: 360 ° scan suck dry cleaning
Control mode: differential pressure, time and manual    

Control system
    Adopt industrial single-chip PLC automatic control, full display in Chinese. According to pressure difference or timing control backwash, and can be manually, forced cleaning, power can also be cleaned. The scene set filter time interval, the cleaning time. Running signals, cleaning, fault signal output and communication signal output.
Since the cleaning process
    Filter cleaning mechanism is one of 316 l stainless steel material, rotating and up and down movement of the sucking scanner, it is a hollow structure, the pollution is evenly distributed on several sucking mouth, sucking inside the scanner with a 3 "drain valve, the drain valve is opened, the filter formed between the internal water pressure and the external atmosphere pressure errand each suction nozzle to produce strong suction, in each sucking mouth, water flow from the mesh will reverse the outflow impurities inside extroversion rushed down into the scanner and is discharged through the drain valve and sucking mouth of the reverse flow of water is enough to the stubborn impurity on the filter. Sucking the scanner by a screw devices are even two-way power motor drive, according to the fixed rotational speed of spiral movement, so that multiple suction nozzle can suck times across the screen surface, this process takes about 35 to 60 seconds. The cleaning in the whole process, the system does not stop.
Manufacturing material
Mesh: stainless steel                Cleaner: stainless steel, nylon,PVC                 Ptfe sealing ring: synthetic rubber,
The drain valve, cast iron                Controller: aluminum, copper, stainless steel,  PVC               Filter shell: carbon steel spraying epoxy resin, stainless steel


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