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Full automatic filter

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Sucking type multistage self-cleaning filter

Detailed introduction

Sucking type self-cleaning filter are divided into two levels, coarse filter to remove large particles in water, prevent fine mesh to avoid damage of large particles, the suction nozzle is blocked, fine mesh main main filtering effect, filter out particles.
Technical parameters
Power: 380 v, 50 hz, 220 v, 3 phase, control                                                 Motor power: 0.37 W - 0.55 KW
Mesh: 316 stainless steel (weaving, sintering, cheese)                                                  Filtration precision: 500-20um
Drain valve, cast iron surface resin coating                                                               Cleaning time: 35-60s
Working temperature: 70℃                                                                              Pressure loss of the cleaning: 0.01-0.05MPa
Pressure of work: 0-1.6MPa                                                                       Cleaning method: a 360 - degree scan sucking type
Control system: SiemensPLC                                                                      Clean institutions speed: 14-20rpm
Control mode: differential pressure, time and manual                                                             Back flush time:  60S
working principle of
   Two stage filtering liquid, liquid by the entry into, after large coarse mesh filter out particles of impurities, and then reach the fine mesh. When filter differential pressure reaches the preset value, will start the automatic cleaning process, the water here, the supply does not block the purge valve is opened, clean room and pollution in the water pressure drop dramatically, through a filter cylinder and the pressure difference between the suction sewage pipe, pollution between the tube and cleaning room through the suction nozzle have a suction, forming a pollution process. At the same time, the electric motor drive the pollution tube along the axial helical motion.
Control system
Siemens PLC control box episodes, remote control
Differential pressure switch system
When the water reached the preset differential pressure switch, electric control system in the process of backwash. Recoil time by integrated controller default is adjustable.
Shell material
The drain valve, cast iron                                                                                  Cleaner: stainless steel, nylon,PVC
Mesh: 304/316                                                                              Seal: fluorine rubber, synthetic rubber
Shell: carbon steel spraying epoxy resin, stainless steel                                                     Controller: aluminum, copper, stainless steel, PVC
Typical applications
Cooling water treatment   Raw water treatment   Industrial circulating water treatment    Papermaking industry   Agricultural irrigation
The water supply system of urban landscape    Rainwater collection and utilization   Petroleum chemical industry

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