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Back flush filter

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Ceramic membrane flow filter by mistake

Detailed introduction

HK - CLFL series fault through the filterIs a fully functional, superior performance, wide application of the filter. The materials can be concentrated, cleaning, grading, can continuous operation under the condition of the high transmittance filtrate; Only in a loop can be condensed the material to the point of not easy to flow, and the filtrate is transparent, containing no solid particles. Therefore, after filtering and eventually can obtain relatively high concentrations of solid materials.
Can be widely used in various industries, such as chemical products, clay, dyes, metal oxide and hydroxide filtration and industrial wastewater treatment. Requirements of the concentration is extremely low, usually less than 10%, and even less than 0.1%; Filter pressure usually is 0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa, Solid concentration can be as high as 80% above, the filtrate is very clear.

Basic principles:
   Cross-flow filtration is through the circulation pump will filter material in the membrane of different aperture high-speed circular movement in the channel. Under the action of pressure and filtrate by tangent through leaching; Not filtrate form turbulence effect due to the motion of the high speed movement cycle, because the fluid has a larger shear force, can wash away the deposition of suspended particles in time to make it back to the material liquid circulation, avoid the membrane tube channel blockage.
Cross-flow filtrationadvantages
●Does not need auxiliary filtering additive                                                       ●Working condition of acid and alkali, high temperature resistant, suitable for special filtering requirements

●The continuous production, full automatic control                                           ●The cross-flow filtration technology, filtering channel is not easy to jam
●Completely closed filtering system to eliminate the secondary pollution                               ●High filtration precision, membrane aperture 10 um um - 1 different specifications
Filtering flow diagram

     Cross-flow filtration of inorganic membrane filtration technology is high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant material of inorganic material made of a fixed shape membrane tube, in different tubular membrane tube multichannel shape exists, the pipe wall with microporous, its size in nanometer calculation.
Typical applications
Traditional Chinese medicine and plant extract clear separation                                                Catalyst, titanium and other precious metals recycling and utilization
Purification of enrichment of various kinds of chemicals                                                Antibiotics, amino acid fermented liquid clarification filtration industry
Enzyme preparation fermented liquid clarification filtration, aseptic filtration                                 Metal cutting fluid wastewater, acid and alkali waste water, such as banknote printing wastewater treatment

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