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Back flush filter

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Parallel column tube back flush filter

Detailed introduction

Parallel column tube back flush filter adopts mechanical separation principle, using imports of 316 l stainless steel metal wedge winding wire mesh filter, metal sintering felt, metal powder filter and sintered metal mesh filter, fine filtration separation. Filter used jointly by two or more parallel, the content factory big traffic demand.
Parallel shell and tube type automatic backwash filter with a standard carbon steel, stainless steel or anticorrosive coating shell.
Filters filter is divided into powder filter, sintered wire mesh folded filter, sintering felt fiber filter, metal wedge filter.
1, powder filter precision range of 20 to 1 micron
2, fiber filter accuracy range is 300 to 0.5 microns
3, wedge filter precision range of 500 mesh to 50 microns, is very suitable for high viscosity or grinding paste, filter capable of withstanding high pressure and temperature difference
Working principle      
     Automatic backwash filter shell and tube type for two more (A/B) or more parallel switch is used. Normal filtering, the filter run A full flow, filter B for machine. When the system differential pressure (pressure drop at the inlet and outlet of the total) reached the set value or the system running time reached set value, filter the system automatically putting-in-service proactively filter B, cut filter A filtering operation. At this point to auxiliary liquid backwashing filter A filter backwash backup with A.
Technical parameters                                                                       
The power supply voltage:   DC24V orAC220V                                                             Pressure of work:  0.6-2.5MPa
Backwashing mode:   Siemens PLC control system                                                            Working temperature:  -40℃~180℃
Shell material:   Carbon steel, stainless steel, rubber lining                                                     Flow range:  10~300T/H
Design criteria:   GB150-1998 steel pressure vessel, ASME standard                                 Filtration precision:  1-50micro
Three kinds of control mode: But the differential automatic, timing, automatic, manual control switch                               Explosion-proof level:   DIICT6orDIIBT4 
A variety of filter to choose from:  Metal sintering filter, wedge filter and wire mesh filter, pp filter, ceramic filter
Filter performance
■ Can meet the requirements of large flow filter, a single work flow of 300 t/H.
 Can online continuous filtration, more can putting-in-service proactively at the same time, no parking overhaul, meet the needs of the normal filtering flow.
■ Can provide a variety of operating mode control, differential pressure, time, and manual control switch, convenient to master the whole work process.
■ Full automatic control by Siemens PLC control program, can also be DCS remote monitoring, saving the maintenance cost.
■ According to the technological requirements, a variety of filter options, use the field widely, solves the problem most special medium filtering.
 Equipment valve controlled by pneumatic ball valve fully, single backwashing time only ten minutes to complete the whole machine cleaning, the backwashing water consumption to a minimum.
Typical applications
Water treatment: all kinds of raw water, process water, cooling circulating water;
Oil refining, diesel, gasoline, naphtha, the FCC slurry oil, VRDS vacuum residuum hydrogenation desulfurization, ARDS atmospheric residue hydrodesulfurization, line under normal pressure gas coking wax oil, CGO and VGO vacuum gas oil;
Other liquid: the solvent, acid alkali liquor filtration, etc.

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