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Back flush filter

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Automatic gas back flush filter

Detailed introduction

Various types of industrial processing equipment using different gas-solid separation technology, need for countless gas-solid separation process.
Whether online compressed air filter, the new energy silicon powder, high temperature and high pressure gas filtration under various working conditions such as,Huakai A5 / A6 series back flush filterCooperate with sintered metal filter medium, have shown good application performance.         
Our company independent research and development of automatic air back flush filter, sintered metal filter medium inside the shell, the series filter has good compressive strength, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other excellent properties, the filter has big filter area, while ensuring its filtering precision, can withstand the compressed gas circulation counter blowing clean, restore the initial filter working state, has a long service life and change cycle.

Performance characteristics:
◆ Siemens PLC automatic control, which can realize the online continuous production
◆ Real-time filter differential pressure monitoring, effective pulse ash removal, prolong the service life of filter element, saving the cost of production
◆ Dust removal of high precision, can match a variety of filter, more accuracy and grading
◆ A variety of housing materials to choose from, such as CS, 304, 316, etc
◆ Meet the demand of the vast majority of gas purification dust removal technology
Technical parameters
Design criteria: GB150-2011 steel pressure vessel                                            Filtration precision: 0.1 um
Pressure of work:0-20MPa                                                                   materials: CS、304、316
Working temperature:300℃                                                                       (according to the customer, working condition of appropriate material selection)
The filter core
Stainless steel powder sintering and sintering felt, fold the sintered mesh, glass fiber, etc
Control mode: PLC automatic control, can be manually operation gas filtration process
Typical applications
Power plant dust exhaust gas treatment                                      Compressed air purification                                        High purity gas purification
Chemical production dust gas purification                                Oil refining flue gas treatment                                  Catalyst recycling and utilization  
Coal chemical production of gas purification in the middle  

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