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Back flush filter

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Suck back flush filter

Detailed introduction

CKG sucking type back flush filterIs our independent research and development of the new filter, design and manufacture products strictly enforce standards GB150 / ASME pressure vessel design and manufacture, make full use of fluid mechanics and combined filtering technology, has the industry leading status in the filter industry.
typeSucking type back flush filter integrating multiple filter elements, has big filter area, low pressure loss, compact structure, high filtration efficiency, position cleaning, backwashing water consumption, low running cost, cover an area of an area small, online cleaning the advantages of continuous filtration, single equipment flow can reach 300M3/H。
working principle
    Sucking type, filter backwash filter is mainly composed of shell, motor, proximity switch, differential pressure sensor system and PLC control system. Filtering sewage through the filter, the filter outside introversion, the accumulation of suspended particles in the filter inside surface slowly, gradually formed the import and export pressure difference, when the differential pressure sensing system receives the set pressure value, will play a backwashing program, with filter cleaning. Using negative pressure will be attached to the filter wall of suspended solids, instantaneous discharge external shell, cleaning process lasts for 5 minutes, the filter back to normal initial state to work properly.
Technical parameters
Working temperature:   120℃                                                               Protection grade:   IP65
Work flow:   0-2000M3/H                                                   Filtration precision:   20-3000micro
Pressure of work:   0.6-2.5MPa                                                       Filter material:   SS304/SS316L
Working voltage:   AC380V  /AC220V                                             Shell material:   CS/SS304/SS316L
Cleaning derrick material:  SS316L                                                        Driving mode:   Motor reducer drive
Clean control mode:  Traditional differential pressure system  Time control  Manual control  Siemens PLC control box
Functional features
 The washing effect is excellent
Filter using cutting-edge outward v-shaped structure, under the action of pressure difference in an instant, backwashing cleaning pressure increase slowly, into a bit, will instant residue from shell.
◆ Online automatic cleaning, uninterrupted water supply
Inside the filter cartridge containing multiple VtypeFilter elements work at the same time, the advantage of both inside and outside differential pressure during the backwashing, with fresh filtrate reverse cleaning, other filter to work normally.

◆ Automatic control, manual cleaning
The machine adopts Siemens PLC control system, programmable backwashing can press time, differential pressure switch, manual operation, which can realize remote monitoring at the same time.
◆ Fast installation, container cover an area of an area small
At the scene of the machine through the flange and field connections, power can be put into use, cover an area of an area small, save space.
 Backwashing water consumption, less cleaning time is short
Native backwashing, can wash two filter at the same time, take turns cleaning, sewage water consumption is less than 1% of design flow rate, cleaning time to maintain within 5 minutes, quick and easy to complete the whole cleaning process.
 Filter sealing mechanism, to eliminate leakage
The machine to change the traditional design, will filter is fixed, using sewage fork tube spinning, upper fork tube is equipped with specially designed mechanical seal, contact with the fixed partition part for high alloy material, resistant to wear and tear for many times, at the same time ensure that appropriate pressure, seal component replacement cycle extended.
◆ Filter filter area increases, compressive ability effect is remarkable
Container can install multiple filter, make full use of the container space, effective filter area can reach 30 to 50 times of the entrance area; The article adopts the stainless steel wire welded together, adopt unique preparation process, has enough stiffness and strength of resistance to deformation.

Typical applications
 Water treatment industry
Preprocessing filter, remove the impurities in water
■ Petroleum chemical industry
Well back to water injection, technology of circulating water, cooling water, ship's ballast water
■ Machinery manufacturing
The coolant, cleaning agents, cleaning circulating water processing again
■ Pulp and paper industry
Raw water, water spray, water sealing, high and low pressure water, cooling tower water
■ Metallurgical industry
Steel continuous casting, high pressure water phosphorus removal water and muddy water filtering, cooling circulating water filtration
■ Raw water treatment
The lake, river, reservoir water, well water, rain water, groundwater extraction of sand filter, algae and organic matter, etc
■ Electronic energy industry
Bearing, industrial cooling water, cooling water, electricity, oil cooling water seal water, dusting spray water filtering and the boiler filling water pre filtering

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