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filter element

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  • SPEA series filter

    HK-LG series gas filter is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, petroleum, paper, medicine, food, mining, electricity, urban, household and other fields. Gas filter is a kind of equipment which is indispensable in the transmission medium pipeline.
  • Stainless steel powd…

    HK-SM stainless steel powder sintered filter core, the industry leading manufacturing technology, selected after detailed grading and particle diameter of spherical metal particles 0 5~100um, formed by standard mould pressing and then sintered at a high temperature, repeated washing or backwashing.
  • Stainless steel sint…

    HK-SSZ sintered stainless steel net filter selection of different wire diameter and mesh stainless steel wire mesh, arranged in a particular order, by high temperature sintering production of a practical filter materials, repeated washing, back washing and back flushing.
  • Stainless steel sint…

    HK-SZ stainless steel metal sintered felt filter core filter with stainless steel fiber sintered felt as the core filter layer, with a high filter precision and more than a single layer of felt.
  • Titanium rod filter

    HK-STi titanium filter with high purity titanium powder (99.4%) as raw materials, with special technology, through the high temperature sintering. The structure has the characteristics of uniform structure, high void ratio, uniform pore size, small filtration resistance and good permeability.
  • Wedge filter

    SX-I/II wedge filter using high quality stainless steel, dual phase steel or alloy wedge wire, with high strength and precision, and flexible design, so that it is applied to a variety of complex, special conditions.
  • Oil and gas separati…

    Oil gas separation filter element is a kind of gas separation in the lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation of the system. Working principle the air entrained by the compressed air from the compressor main engine is entrained with the oil droplets of different sizes.

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