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Gas filter

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  • Gas filter

    Oil gas separation filter element is a kind of gas separation in the lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation of the system. Working principle the air entrained by the compressed air from the compressor main engine is entrained with the oil droplets of different sizes.
  • Compressed air filte…

    Compressed air precision filter is mainly used in compressed air purification, removal of impurities, will be mixed in the compressed air of dust, water vapor and the full combustion of hydrocarbons and bacteria filter.
  • Large flow gas filte…

    HK-SGA-II series filter mainly for the large flow of gas filter and special design and manufacture, the flow of a single filter can reach 250000M3/H, the filter efficiency can reach 99.999%.
  • Polypropylene folded…

    Series MMP-I folding polypropylene filter has the characteristics of high velocity and high dirt holding capacity, is the most economical pre filter, has been widely used in the fields of pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical, food and beverage.
  • TMH polyether sulfon…

    TMH series of polyether sulfone folded filter is a high dirt holding capacity of sterilization absolute filter and having a high flow rate and low dissolution characteristics, good strength, is designed for biochemistry, inspection, pharmaceutical and degerming and filtering device designed.
  • Ptfe folded filter s…

    TFEG series PTFE folded filter using PTFE membrane extraction, is widely used in pharmaceutical, biological products, food and beverage, fermentation industry gas filtration sterilization.

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