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Bag filter

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  • More bag filter

    HKFILTER-DSS multi bag filter all components are standard models, the production of the filter can be produced according to the waterline, according to the production of Pressure Vessel Standards GB150-1998.
  • Bag filter

    HK-BAG bag filter has been widely used in the industry of the whole country and has formed the standard. Customers can meet the demands of different applications according to our standard single bag filter or multi bag filter system.
  • Lining ptfe filter

    HK-CF PTFE filter is in the filtration equipment inner wall spray PTFE, its function is effective in acid and alkali resistance and organic solvent.
  • Carbon steel lining …

    HK-CJ carbon steel liner filter is installed in the filter inside and outside a layer of non-toxic rubber, can effectively prevent any corrosion appear, greatly increased the life of equipment.
  • Stainless steel filt…

    The stainless steel filter cylinder is made by the monolayer or multilayer metal net, layers and constitute the mesh screen according to different conditions of use and use, filtering accuracy for absolute value of concentric rate is high, can work under pressure, good straightness, stainless steel material, without any burr to ensure long service life
  • Quick switch more ba…

    HK-SGD-Y series of rapid switch bag type filter, easy operation, high efficiency of bag filter for technology in the application of high flow and frequent replacement of the filter bag, the most suitable for the batch production process and the security filter.
  • Top entry type autom…

    HK-TOP-IN high performance bag filter, advanced design to ensure excellent filtering effect, applicable to strict application requirements, will be excellent filtration performance, high reliability and easy to operate the perfect unity.
  • Standard single bag …

  • Anchorear type bag f…

    HK-SGD-BG series of hoop type bag filter, filter with convenient and portable hoop structure, apply to no seal of the industry, no risk of low pressure and other applications.

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