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Full automatic filter

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  • Brush type self-clea…

    HK-XF series of brush type self cleaning filter can provide you with water filter, water filter complete sets of equipment and complete filtration solutions, filter accuracy of 50~100 microns.
  • Sucking type multist…

    Sucking type self-cleaning filter is divided into two stage filtration, the coarse filter screen to remove large particles in the water, avoid fine filters to avoid such large particles damage, suction nozzle is blocked, fine filter mainly play a main role in filtering filter small particles.
  • Sucking type self-cl…

    HK-XM automatic self cleaning filter is a kind of electric sucking type filter, by a electric motor driven cleaning mechanism, for the use of different occasions can be equipped with 20 microns - 500 micron filter, 8 "- 24" caliber.
  • Automatic scraper fi…

    Scraper for HK-XG self-cleaning filter using rotating scraper and lifting cylinder scraper, on-line automatic cleaning impurities and dirt, consistent operation to maintain continuous operation, applied to the filtration of low, medium and high viscosity liquid filtration is a excellent performance of high quality filter equipment.
  • Heavy traffic self-c…

    HK-SX2 series of large flow self cleaning filter, by four stainless steel filter cartridge combination in the tank, the main component is composed of four filter elements and four groups of sewage suction device. The sewage is filtered from the lower part of the filter and distributed to each filter element.

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