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Back flush filter

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  • Cluster type blow fi…

    Candle HK-ZYZ tube type filter, a lot of roots lamp tube, lamp tube coat cloth used to filtrate and solid is arranged in the interior of the housing. The filter cake after filtration, drying, cleaning cloth removal can be run automatically.
  • Suck back flush filt…

    HK-CKG sucking backwash filter is our independent research and development of new filter, product design and manufacture strictly enforce the GB/ASME standards for pressure vessel design and manufacture, make full use of fluid mechanics and the filtration technology combined.
  • Automatic gas back f…

    HK-DS-A5 series gas filter, A5/A6 series filter using sintered metal filter, the filter for gas solid separation has a unique performance. Its absolute precision and good uniformity of ventilation to ensure reliable filtration performance, anti blow cleaning capacity and long service life and replacement cycle.
  • Parallel column tube…

    HK-GS-S1 tube automatic back flushing filter and as a plus hydrogen cracking, hydrogenation modification, and pre filter reactor for hydrogenation and hydrodesulfurization device can effectively prevent the catalyst bed layer of jam and reduce the frequent manual switching operation.
  • Ceramic membrane flo…

    HK-DS-A3/A4 cross flow filter backwash, using unique by inside and outside filter. The series filter is compared to have longer service life and higher anti cleaning efficiency, lower the amount of the residual liquid, used in solid content is more than 1% of the filtering solution for traditional filtration equipment.

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