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Fully automatic filter to improve the urban environment Promote urban taste

Date:2014/12/1 14:31:18 Hits:2462
  Reached 180000 by the end of 2015, the city's urban population, the urbanization level of 60%, in established framework to 14.6 square km; New city road 30 kilometers, 25 kilometers city gas pipeline, city commercial housing area of 560000 square meters, 130000 square meters, the affordable housing supply scale of 50000 tons/day; Built in caoxibei sewage treatment plant, the application of the automatic filter, urban wastewater treatment rate of 70%; Rebuilding Gao Tang landfills, hazard-free treatment rate of urban living garbage by 100%; New urban green space of 800000 square meters, the greening indicators of national garden city.  Longquan vigorously construction of sewage treatment plant, using automatic filter for sewage treatment, sewage unified processing of longquan, effect of very much!

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