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Basket strainer how to convert water crisis into what we call time?

Date:2014/12/1 14:30:55 Hits:2328

  Basket strainer let wastewater show use value, that is, we adopt the powerful weapon. Basket filters can handle a large amount of sewage, large flow, high precision, stability, water is the first choice for many companies. The use of it, improve the utilization rate of water and solve the urban water shortage problem. Indirectly, protection of water resources in China. So how to transform water crisis into what we call time?

  Water crisis is that we now face, and opportunities exist in the crisis is dangerous, so, now we should seize the chance? That is to effective governance, a large amount of sewage recycle and reuse in order to improve the utilization of the water, and then so that we will put the crisis into an opportunity, is the timing of the sewage treatment industry development.

  The importance of water resource and non-renewable, make human more fear continues to shortage of water resources. And the emergence of basket strainer has calmed all fears, and for our country's economic development has brought certain opportunities. Basket filter can effectively to all kinds of dirt and impurities in the water filter in the filter inside, it is the screen hole out of the water. To ensure the effluent water quality can become human again using water, and directly discharged into rivers will not cause any environmental pollution, for the water self-purification ability to reduce the pressure.

  Basket strainer to overcome the traditional filtering products, volume is small, vulnerable to contamination jams, filtering, part of the need to remove the cleaning and unable to monitor the state of the filter and so on shortcomings, with the raw water filter and automatic filter for the discharge of pollutants by automatic cleaning function, and uninterrupted water washing sewage system, can monitor the working state of the filter, a high degree of automation. So the basket filters can be very good for sewage purification treatment, and then the precision of the reclaimed water can reach 10 microns, completely suitable for the requirements of production water, the use of reclaimed water cycle like this to production.

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