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The opinions of the state council about accelerate the development of energy saving and environmental protection industry

Date:2014/12/1 14:29:40 Hits:2430

  Resources and environment restriction is currently facing the outstanding contradictions in China's economic and social development. Solving the problem of energy conservation and environmental protection, the expansion of domestic demand, steady growth, structural adjustment, upgrade for building China's economy is an important and urgent task. To speed up the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industries, stimulating investment and consumption, forming new economic growth point, promote industrial upgrading and development mode transformation, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction and improve people's livelihood, to realize the economic sustainable development and ensure to build a well-off society in an all-round way in 2020, has the very vital significance. In order to speed up the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industries, put forward the following opinions:

  First, general requirements

  (a) the guiding ideology. Firmly establish a concept of ecological civilization, based on the current and long-term, on raising the industry technical level and competitiveness, with enterprises as the mainstay, market-oriented, based on engineering, strengthen government guidance, improve the policy mechanism, cultivating specification market, enhance technology innovation, vigorously improve the level of technical equipment, products, services, promote energy conservation and environmental protection industry fast development, release the potential demand of the market, to form a new growth point, for the expansion of domestic demand, steady growth, structural adjustment, strengthen innovation ability, improve the environmental quality, guarantee to improve the livelihood of the people and make contribution to speed up the construction of ecological civilization.

  (2) the basic principles. Leading innovation, service improvement. To speed up the pace of technological innovation, breakthroughs in core technologies and key generic technology, narrow the gap with the international advanced level, improving the capacity of the supply of technical equipment and products. Implementation of contract energy management, franchising, comprehensive environmental services marketization new energy-saving environmental protection service forms, etc.

  Demand for traction, the project. Build green consumption policy environment, promote energy conservation and environmental protection products, speed up the implementation of energy-saving and recycling economy and environmental protection of key projects, the release of energy conservation and environmental protection products, equipment, services, consumption and investment demand, the formation of strong pull of energy conservation and environmental protection industry development.

  Laws and regulations, driven policy stimulus. Perfecting the laws and regulations and standards of energy conservation and environmental protection, strengthen the supervision and administration, perfecting the policy mechanism, strengthening industry self-discipline, standardize market order, formed to promote energy conservation and environmental protection industry, rapid and sound development of incentive and constraint mechanism.

  Market, the government guidance. Give full play to the basic role of market resources allocation, in order to market demand as the guide, with the reform of the way to stimulate the enthusiasm of all kinds of market subjects. In view of the weak links and bottleneck restriction industry development, effective play a role of the government planning guidance, policy incentives and regulation.

  (3) the main goal. Industry technical level significantly increased. Enterprise technology innovation and improve the ability of integration and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, energy efficiency and quality, and the cascade utilization, pollution prevention and control and safe disposal and resource recovery and recycling and other key breakthrough in key core technology research and development, equipment and product quality, performance is improved significantly, the formation of a large number of own intellectual property rights and the international competitiveness of major equipment and products, some key generic technology reached the international advanced level.

  Basic domestic equipment and products meet the market demand. Through the introduction of digestion, absorption and re-innovation, and strive to improve the level of product technology, to promote energy conservation and environmental protection in our country key materials and important equipment and products in industry, agriculture, services, residents are widely used in various fields, to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection to provide strong technical support. Energy-using units widely used "energy saving doctors" diagnosis, contract energy management, energy management system and other energy-saving service mechanism to improve energy management, urban sewage, waste disposal and desulphurization and denitration facilities operating basic implementation specialization, marketization, socialization, to develop the comprehensive environmental services. Construction of a batch of form a complete set of advanced technology, perfect demonstration base, development of energy saving and environmental protection industry, form to a large-scale backbone enterprises, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry benign development pattern.

  Radiation impetus role into full play. Perfect the incentive constraints mechanism, establish a unified, open, fair competition, standardized and orderly market order. Energy conservation and environmental protection industry output value of average annual growth rate over 15%, to 2015, total output value reached 4.5 trillion yuan, become a new pillar industry of national economy. By promoting energy conservation and environmental protection products, effective consumption demand; By strengthening engineering technical ability, promoting the energy conservation and environmental protection investment growth, strong support of traditional industry upgrade and speed up the transformation economic development way.

  2, around key areas, to promote energy conservation and environmental protection industry comprehensive development level of ascension

  Wide application at present, around the market, energy conservation and emissions reduction potential, demand pull effect obvious priority areas, to speed up the related technology and equipment research and development, promotion and industrialization, promoting energy conservation and environmental protection industry comprehensive development level of ascension.

  (a) to speed up the energy saving technology and equipment upgrading, promote energy conservation and efficiency in the key field.

  To promote efficient boiler. Development of a number of efficient boiler manufacturing base, cultivate a group of efficient boiler large-scale backbone production enterprises. Focus on increasing the boiler automatic control, the main auxiliary machinery optimization, fuel type, depth of the low temperature flue gas waste heat recovery, efficient small coal-fired boiler combustion, such as technical level, intensify efficient boiler application promotion.

  More efficient motor applications. Promote the construction of efficient and speed up the development of motor industry, 15-20 industrialization base efficient motor and its control system. Develop the three-phase asynchronous motor, rare earth permanent magnet coreless motor and high efficiency motor products, improve the efficient motor design, matching and key materials, equipment, and the high voltage frequency conversion, such as reactive power compensation control system of the technical level.

  The development of regenerative combustion technology and equipment. Construction of a number of efficient combustion, heat transfer and cooling technology of manufacturing base, speed up the industrialization demonstration of major technologies, equipment and large-scale application. Focus on combination optimization, using preheating furnace structure, strengthening the radiation heat transfer energy saving technologies such as integration, improve the efficiency of heating furnace combustion; In premixed and heat storage and heat storage materials research and development, strive to achieve breakthrough in regenerative burner miniaturization.

  To speed up the new energy automotive technology research and demonstration promotion. To speed up the implementation of energy saving and new energy vehicle technology innovation project, strengthen the power battery technology innovation, focus on power battery system security, reliability, and lightweight, strengthen the drive motor and core material, electronic research and development of key components and industrialization, speed up the perfect supporting industries and charging facilities, demonstrated and pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, such as air vehicles.

  Promote semiconductor lighting industry. Integrate existing resources, improve industrial concentration, 10-15 grasp core technology, with intellectual property rights and famous brands of leading enterprises, the construction of a number of industrial chain to perfect the industrial concentration area, the key production equipment, important raw material for the local matching. To speed up the core material, equipment and key technology research and development, strive to solve the heat dissipation, modular, standardization and other major technical problems.

  (2) enhance the level of environmental protection technology and equipment, management outstanding environmental problems.

  Demonstrated and atmosphere control technology and equipment. To speed up the atmosphere control key technology and equipment of industrialization development and application. Develop the denitration catalyst preparation and regeneration, recycling desulfurization technology and equipment, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant fibers and the development and application of filter material, speed up the development of selective catalytic reduction technology and selective catalytic reduction technology and equipment, as well as high efficiency, high capacity, low resistance particulate filter and so on automobile exhaust purification technology and equipment, implement industrialization demonstration project.

  Development of new water treatment technology and equipment. Promote a batch of water treatment technology and equipment industrialization base. Focus on developing high flux, durable, membrane materials and components, large ozone generator, high-efficient fluoride, arsenic groundwater, sulfate technology, complete sets of processing equipment, refractory industrial wastewater sludge reduction, harmless and recycling technology and equipment.

  Promoting garbage disposal technology and equipment. To carry out application demonstration, publish recommended directory, and improve the standard of the project and other means, promoting advanced garbage disposal technology and equipment. Focus on developing large waste incineration facilities grate and its drive system, the preprocessing of circulating fluidized bed technology, incineration flue gas purification technology and waste leachate treatment technology and so on, the key to promote more than 300 tons/day living garbage incinerator flue gas purification and complete sets of equipment.

  Conquer contaminated soil remediation technologies. Key r&d in situ contaminated soil stabilizer, ectopic fixative, contaminated soil bioremediation, dispose and resource utilization of safe disposal technology, the implementation of the industrialization demonstration project, to speed up the popularization and application.

  To strengthen the development and application of environmental monitoring instruments and equipment. Improve fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and so on the stability of the monitoring instruments and equipment, perfect monitoring data systems, lifting equipment production quality control level. On-line monitoring instruments and equipment development of the atmosphere, water, heavy metal, to develop a batch of mastering the core technology, product quality reliable, high credibility of the backbone enterprises. To speed up the atmosphere, water and other environmental quality on-line real-time monitoring sites and network construction, equipped with advanced technology, high reliability of environmental monitoring instruments and equipment.

  (3) the development of resources recycling technology and equipment, improve the resource productivity.

  Remanufacturing technology and equipment level of ascension. Promote remanufacturing industry innovation ability, promote the nano brush plating, laser cladding forming products remanufacturing technology. R&d nondestructive disassembly, surface pretreatment, components of fatigue residual life evaluation of remanufacturing technology and equipment. Key support for 10-15 state-level remanufacturing industry clusters and a batch of major demonstration projects, greatly improve the utility ratio based on the technology of surface engineering equipment.

  The construction of "urban mining" demonstration base. Promote renewable resources clean recycle, scale and industrialization development. Promote large scrap shear broken, automobiles and fragmentized separation of waste electrical appliance technology. Fine purification to improve rare metals, plastics modification and efficient sorting mixed waste plastics, waste battery recycling all components such as equipment level. Support 50 "urban mining" demonstration base construction, accelerate the construction of renewable resources recovery system, the formation of renewable resources processing capacity of 80 million tons.

  Deepening the comprehensive utilization of waste. Promote the construction of demonstration base of comprehensive resource utilization, to encourage industry agglomeration, cultivate leading enterprises. Positive development of tailings to extract the valuable elements, gangue production of superfine fibre high value using the key generic technology and complete sets of equipment. The development and utilization of industrial waste production of new building materials and so on large-scale, refinement, specialized technology and equipment. Increase the waste batteries, fluorescent lamp recycling technology research and development. Support for large comprehensive utilization of solid waste, improve the technology content and added value of comprehensive utilization of resources products. Promote the major grain producing areas comprehensive utilization of straw. To speed up the construction of eat hutch waste disposal and resource recovery utilization of facilities.

  Encourage innovation in the seawater desalination technology. Cultivate a batch of r&d, incubation, production, integration, testing and engineering technical services in one of the seawater desalination industry base. Demonstrated and membrane method, thermal method and coupling method water desalination technology and electric power plant water desalination mode, perfect the membrane module, high pressure pumps, energy recovery device and other key components and system integration technology.

  (4) innovation and development mode, strengthen energy conservation and environmental protection services.

  The development of energy-saving services industry. To carry out the financial incentives, tax breaks and accounting system, support key energy-using units use contract energy management mode to implement energy saving transformation, carry out energy audit and doctor "energy saving" diagnosis, creating comprehensive "one-stop" contract energy management service platform, the number of professional energy conservation service company, the scale and efficiency of rapid growth. Actively explore section on market-oriented energy-saving mechanism energy trading.

  Expand the environmental protection service industry. Living in urban sewage treatment, garbage disposal and flue gas desulfurization denitration, industrial pollution control in key areas, encourage the development of including system design, complete equipment, engineering construction, debugging, operation, maintenance and management of environmental protection service general contracting and environmental governance model of franchising, specialization and socialization service accounts for a large rise in the proportion of the whole industry. Speed up the development of ecological environment restoration, environmental risk and damage assessment, emissions trading, green certification, emerging environmental services such as environmental pollution liability insurance.

  Cultivate the remanufacturing services industry. Support professional company using surface repair, such as laser technology the high value vulnerable components of equipment for industrial and mining enterprises to provide personalized and manufacturing services, establish a remanufacturing old pieces of recycling, product marketing, resource information management system, etc. To promote building waste reverse logistics trading platform.

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